Successfully capitalizing on news media interviews and appearances. 

This highly specialized and demanding training course shows you how to successfully participate in and exploit radio, television, print and social media interviews.The class is broken into two four-hour sessions which can be completed in a single day or, ideally, over two days.This class is a necessity for any executive, manager, brand spokesperson or individual who does or could potentially interact with TV, radio, print or digital news media.

The Advanced Media Training Class has proven to be an excellent team-building exercise as it  takes participants far out of their comfort zone and then collectively and methodically builds up their confidence, presentation skills and on camera performance. 

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The first four-hour session focuses on the fundamentals of news media interviews followed by the development and refinement of talking points and practicing their delivery.  The first session  concludes with actual on-camera interviews and critique.   


The second four-hours becomes a real-world experience with five interviews being conducted in actual radio and television studios by national television, radio and print journalists.  These interviews cover morning show appearances, satellite interviews, radio and print interviews and conclude with in-studio, on-set interviews.  Participants complete the class fully prepared for news media or social media encounters or opportunities. 

The journalists who have participated in the class include:

Susan Lisovicz – former Senior Wall Street Correspondent for CNN
Ron Insana – long time television business correspondent and host on CNBC
Theresa Howard – former Senior Business Writer for USA Today
Colin Brazier – on-air Host and Correspondent for SKY TV London
Gabriel Brasil – television news producer and correspondent - Rio de Janeiro
Chris Urquhart – on-air Host and Correspondent for ABC News Sydney, Australia
Alec Smith – Editor of the International Wine and Spirits Review – London
George Lindsey – radio interviewer and personality – Houston

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This class has been conducted:


United States – Seattle, Sonoma CA, Mendicino CA, Anaheim, New Orleans, Miami, Charleston SC and Louisville.


Outside the United States – Toronto, Banf and Collingwood, Canada;  Rio De Janeiro; Sydney, Australia; London; Hamburg and Faro, Portugal.  Future classes are being organized for Amsterdam, Dubai and Manila. 

"Thank you all for the training you provided our leadership team. It was one of the best experiences I have had. The first day, I thought I would die (literally). By the end, through the support and coaching you each provided me along the way, I was ready to jump up and go for the interviews. It was an empowering experience that definitely built confidence... if I can do that, I feel like I can do almost anything now."
Human Resources Coordinator

"Simply the best training class I have had in my career."
SVP and Regional Director, North America

"I have to say .. WOW, this was just amazing, mind blowing training full of challenges, fun, team building..." 

Marketing Manager, Sydney

"I've been through quite a few trainings in the past 5 years and this was without a doubt the best. I enjoyed the pressure and real world experience as well as the continual support and feedback."
Regional Sales Coordinator, London